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Beating the Summertime Blues

Beating the Summertime Blues

Warm days, endless sunshine, no school – it’s not hard to understand why so many love the summer season and the qualities that are associated with it. Although there are a ton of aspects to adore about the summer, this can be a difficult or overwhelming time for many – especially parents and children. Similar to how the winter months can bring times of heightened sadness and loneliness for some, the summer can be a difficult and isolating time for many, as well. There are things we can implement to help us avoid any summertime blues that may arise, which is precisely what we are going to discuss today.


Get Outside as Much as Possible

One of the best things about summer is the fact that in most places in the US, the weather is optimal most of the time, which provides for excellent opportunities to go outside and enjoy as much fresh air as possible. The great outdoors are superb for uplifting the mental state if you are feeling down, so definitely try and take advantage of this whenever you can. If you work a full-time job and it’s feasible, take a couple of short breaks throughout the day to go for a quick walk or just get some fresh air before continuing on with the rest of your day. The summer often brings a big change of pace to our everyday lives, so it’s completely normal to feel like things are out of place during this time. You don’t have to be an extremely outdoorsy person in order to get out and reap the benefits that being outside provides, but you will surely love the peace of mind that is brought upon by spending a weekend out in nature.


Set Goals

The slow days of summer can make anyone feel unmotivated, sluggish, and apathetic. Especially if you are in school or the typical schedule of your days has changed significantly with the onset of the summer season, it can feel difficult or downright challenging to feel inspired. One way to avoid getting super stuck in this rut is to take the time to figure out some goals that you want to work towards during the summer. Writing these goals down is a great way to become incredibly clear in what you want to achieve, and keeping this list in a familiar place where you can look at it from time to time will help keep these goals fresh in your awareness so that your mindset can stay in the right place. Maybe you even have more time than usual to execute other plans that you have in the works. This may look like tackling any projects that you’ve been meaning to get around to, applying to a new job, or working towards the ability to accomplish some physical feat like running a marathon.


Seek Out Support

While you can take all of the preventative measures possible when it comes to avoiding summertime blues, sometimes it is simply inevitable and the only thing that can help is by finding quality support and talking it out. Ideally, meeting with a therapist to work through everything going on would be the best course of action. This way, you can learn about and incorporate several different effective tools to assist you in getting to a more pleasant place mentally. Seeking out support is one of the very best things that you can do to improve any undesirable spaces you may be in mentally because of the time of year. Maybe as a parent you are struggling with the sudden change of having your children at home instead of at school and it is stressful to balance with work, or your child is not adjusting well to the abrupt switch to not being at school and having that set routine with constant interaction set in place. You’d be surprised at how helpful it is to open up with a mental health professional and to become accustomed with the ways that you can stay on top of feeling your absolute best.


Try Something New

A fun way to break out of any monotonous habits and to hit the reset button is to go out and attempt something new. The summer season offers up the perfect chance to take advantage of any free time and to go and try out anything you’ve been thinking of trying your hand at. This could be a new sport, painting, cooking, or photography. Trying out a new hobby that has piqued your interest is a wonderful pastime that can bring upon fulfillment and intrinsic joy. It’s great to try any new hobby and have it come as second nature to you, but it is also wise to not put too much pressure on yourself and to just have fun with it. If summer is a time that you find yourself feeling bored and unmotivated quite often, making the effort to go out of your comfort zone and try something new every once in a while is a fantastic way to avoid running into this problem.

While a lot of people do look forward to the summer months because this generally implies beautiful weather, trips to the beach or camping, no school, and other fun activities, this can be a difficult time for those that do not find enjoyment in excess free time or have children that now will not have school for a few months. Any of these tips can be applied whether you are an adult or younger individual that is looking for a way to make the summer more pleasant. It’s important to remember that every season is temporary and will not last forever. As we’re heading into summertime, strive to be prepared and to keep these tips in mind so that you can potentially alter your mindset and appreciate this time instead.


Getting Help

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Dr. Michael Messina

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