Benefits of Group Therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy

When you therapy comes to mind, the image of one-on-one meetings in an office might be what instantly comes to mind. There are a lot of different forms of therapy, and group therapy is one of the styles that is highly beneficial and effective for many. Attending group therapy might sound a bit more intimidating or overwhelming to some since there are more people added to the mix of your sessions and a decreased sense of privacy. It is so important to note, though, that group therapy is actually very successful in helping overcome mental health-related concerns as well as highly valuable to those that seek out this form of treatment and stick with it. We’re going to dive into everything there is to know about group therapy if you have questions or concerns on your mind regarding it, as well as list some benefits of this method that are typically associated with this process.


What Exactly is Group Therapy?

If you don’t happen to be aware of what group therapy really is, it’s essentially exactly what it sounds like! Instead of therapy sessions that are one-to-one with your therapist, you will be with others that are dealing with something similar and can also benefit from everything the group setting can provide. The meetings are typically once a week, and you will likely be with anywhere from five to fifteen other attendees. There are group therapy options for a wide array of different concerns, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, and panic disorders. Confidentiality is another huge and important component with group therapy, so you can feel secure in being open and honest with what you are going through. It can potentially take a bit of time to get used to and comfortable with, but the data points to group therapy being highly advantageous and often times it is as effective as individual therapy, too.


5 Benefits of Group Therapy

There is a myriad of benefits that group therapy offers to attendees due to the aspect of shared experiences and the option to acquire different perspectives. It can take some time to warm up to at first, especially if you are set up with a group on the larger side, but once you allow the process a genuine chance, incredible transformation is able to take place. The following points are some of the major advantages that are often seen associated with group therapy:


Creates Community

When you are situated in the group therapy setting, the element of community is an aspect that is truly distinctive and special and not something that is easily matched in individual therapy. The sense of community that group therapy provides can build confidence, comfort, and a degree of accountability that can help you along your personal healing journey more than you might think. Mental illnesses can be isolating a lot of the time, so receiving the gift of community is one that truly makes group therapy exceptional.


Provides Perspective

One thing that group therapy is certainly excellent at providing is varying perspectives that you would not have otherwise received elsewhere. Obtaining so many different points of views from others that are dealing with something similar to you inherently allows you to think and process things in a distinct manner, which in turn can assist you in working through your circumstances more efficiently. These perspectives can potentially help you cope and understand your own experiences in a way you had not previously thought of.


Builds Communication Skills

 The thought of going to group therapy and openly discussing personal and vulnerable topics might seem daunting to some, which is completely understandable. Being immersed in a group therapy setting will allow you the opportunity to open up in a vulnerable way, listen to others, and provide feedback when it is necessary. As humans, we are constantly growing and learning how to communicate in a way that is more conducive to us, and group therapy is one of the best resources for doing so. Engaging with others in this fashion is therapeutic in and of itself, and your communication skills will excel in other situations outside of the group, as well.


Offers Increased Support

With group therapy, the level of support that is presented is truly unmatched. You will be able to meet others from all walks of life that you also happen to have things in common with. The bond that is created from attending group therapy together is not easily replicated, and you will be able to see that you are in fact not alone in what you are going through. It’s nice and extremely helpful to talk to the loved ones in your life and receive support from them, but the shared experience of group therapy is rather different in its own distinct way.


Can Be More Cost Effective

An aspect that is not as directly related to the social and mental benefits that this style of therapy provides is the fact that group therapy is generally a lot more cost effective than other forms of treatment. Whether your group has one or two therapists involved, their time is still distributed amongst several others, making it more affordable for everyone. The cost of some sessions is unfortunately a large reason that a lot of people do not seek out help, so having this more inexpensive option that is still incredibly effective is hugely beneficial to so many.

Taking the time to seek out mental health assistance is a major step that is something to be exceedingly proud of. If group therapy seems like a good fit for you and there are available resources, this method should absolutely be taken into consideration. The energy and output that you decide to invest into group therapy will be offered back to you, and the extraordinary outcome of this might just amaze you.


Getting Help

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