Healthy and Effective Communication

Healthy and Effective Communication

Communication is a key part of our everyday life. When we do it effectively, we deepen our connections with others and establish a greater sense of wellbeing. Despite the importance of healthy and strong communication skills, it remains undeveloped for many people.  

Communicating effectively and in healthy ways isn’t always easy. Even the best communicators can have a hard time with it. Words could get lost in translation and triggers can become activated, rendering it impossible to communicate at all. Communicating can be especially difficult for those who struggle with their mental health.

However, without learning proper communication skills, our problems in life get a whole lot bigger. Our relationships suffer, along with our mental health. Poor communication breeds mistrust, resentment, and a great deal of negativity. If we never get to the root of our communication issues, we hinder the growth and quality of our relationships. If you’re looking for a therapist in Flower Mound or Southlake, our team of psychologists and counselors are qualified to help you reach your goals.


The Effects of Poor Communication

If you come from a family that handles disagreements through yelling, arguing, using ultimatums or the silent treatment, communication can turn out to be a difficult task to navigate. This type of communication can eventually lead to issues with communication later in life, like jumping to conclusions and shutting down. It’s obvious that these are productive ways to handle problems, but solutions don’t happen overnight and take time and effort to address.

When we communicate effectively, we avoid a lot of problems and confusion. If we lack communication or communicate in destructive ways, our relationships become full of tension and stress. Without strong communication skills, our relationships end up full of:

Tips for Better Communication

Effective communication is the key to our wellbeing. It translates emotions, facilitates connection, and effects every aspect of our work, home, and social life. Improving your communication skills not only creates more peace and harmony in relationships, but it promotes productivity and happiness.


Our communication skills are really put to the test when we’re in a heated situation. Emotionally fueled arguments almost always end up escalating into something that can be avoided. If the topic is important, then time and consideration are also important. Never underestimate the power of the pause. Whether you just need a moment to consider your next words, or a break from the situation to collect your thoughts – consider implementing a pause before responding.

Ask Permission

Have you ever been approached for a conversation at a terrible time? Then you end up frustrated and half listening to what the other person has to say? It’s an unfavorable situation for both people involved. This is a common trap most people fall into.

Asking permission before making someone engage in a conversation is a powerful gesture. It’s the conversational equivalent of knocking on a door before you enter a room. When you invite someone into a conversation instead of forcing it, communication will run smoother and it promotes a sense of respect.

 Learn Active Listening

Communication isn’t just about getting your point across. It’s a dance between two people, and we must be willing to give the other person the floor sometimes. It’s more than just listening to words flow out of their mouth. It’s listening with the intent to understand. If we want someone to listen to and understand us, we need to be willing to understand others. Give your undivided attention and really hear what the other person has to say.

Get Curious

Chances are, you interact with people of all different ages, genders, and cultural upbringings. That is a big blend of unique perspectives, and differences will be more common than not. You can avoid many negative situations by pushing your opinions to the side so you can be open and curious. Every interaction can be a learning experience by asking questions and getting curious about the person in front of you.

Seeking Support?

Poor mental health can greatly hinder our ability to communicate, often creating tension and difficulty within our relationships. If you feel like your mental health is getting in the way of your happiness with others, it’s important to consider getting support. Therapy for anxiety and depression is most effective when you work with exceptional and experienced therapists. Whether you’re local to Texas or prefer online therapy, our therapists in Flower Mound and Southlake offer quality, comprehensive care. Our goal is to help you take control of your wellbeing.

Here at Dr. Messina and Associates, our compassionate team of professionals are qualified to help you at our Flower Mound, Texas, and Southlake, Texas, offices. Our Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Counselors specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychological testing, and medication management for a variety of emotional and behavioral health needs. All services are available in-person and online (telehealth). If you or a loved one are seeking help with mental health, we are here to help.


Dr. Michael Messina

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