Keeping a Healthy & Thriving Relationship

Keeping a Healthy & Thriving Relationship

Romantic relationships are a beautiful thing that can teach us so much about ourselves and the world in general. Eventually, a lot of couples end up running into a wall where conflicts arise more often than they once did or where one or both of the individuals involved start to feel pushed aside. It is no secret that relationships take an immense amount of work and dedication for them to flourish, as well as an unwavering commitment. If you are in a relationship that seems to be struggling, it might even be causing one or both of you some anxiety or depression on a certain level. Today, we will discuss a few ways that you can incorporate healthy practices into your relationship if they are not already applied, and how you can be the best partner you can possibly be to your significant other.

Make Quality Time a Priority

When a relationship is new, things are exciting, and you are still getting to know this person on a more profound level. Couples do not always tend to think twice about the quality time they are spending when things are fresh, because things are so light, and you are still in the learning stages of everything. This phase may fizzle away, and you will potentially be left realizing that spending time together does not always feel like actual quality time, as these interactions might start to feel like the mundane parts of day-to-day life. Realizing that the time you and your partner are spending together is not up to the standards that you desire is a major step in the right direction, and things can start to be improved upon from here.

A strategy that many couples have had huge success with involves setting aside time on a specific day of the week to get rid of all distractions and allowing that time to solely be for them. This can include going to dinner, making a meal together at home, going out and doing something you love together, or just sitting in bed to talk without interruption. This can be your time to connect, bring up anything that has been weighing you down, and just enjoy each other’s company. You will both have something to look forward to each week and it will surely make your bond much stronger in the long run.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Claiming that communication is imperative to a functioning and healthy relationship might seem like a no-brainer, but it is something that will hold true until the end of time. It is not possible to read your partner’s mind, or for them to read yours for that matter. Communicating how you are feeling and what is on your mind in a respective way can do wonders for any relationship. Misunderstandings are not uncommon in any sort of relationship, and clear communication can help reduce these occurrences exponentially. Keeping an open line of communication can go hand-in-hand with setting aside time each week to check in with one another, as this will ensure that no one on either side is bottling their feelings and emotions up to maximum capacity, which will eventually turn into resentment. A thriving and healthy relationship is not possible without communicating important topics with your partner, so definitely make this a priority if you want to strengthen your relationship significantly.

Show Your Appreciation

Once we are with someone romantically for a while, we tend to get comfortable and possibly even take our significant other for granted. Taking the person that we love for granted is never something we intend on or want to do, but it sometimes just happens because we get swept up in the routines we have in everyday life. If you want to be the best partner possible, make an effort to go out of your way and show your significant other that you value and appreciate them in whatever love language they respond to. This could be accomplished by gifting them something special, surprising them with a romantic date, or taking care of something for them-like cleaning up the house. You do not have to do some extravagant gesture, but rather something thoughtful that will make them feel loved and respected. Making a point to show your appreciation to your partner whenever you get the chance will go a long way in creating a lasting and meaningful relationship

Couple’s Therapy

If there are more deep-rooted issues within your relationship that you are both committed to fixing, there is absolutely no shame in participating in couple’s therapy to assist you in the healing journey. Couple’s therapy is for any couple that feels like they could use the additional help and guidance, not just for couples that happen to be married. In this form of therapy, you can expect to reach new levels of communication and understandings of one another. Having unbiased and professional input and guidance can really bring your relationship to new heights and provide you with the necessary tools to improve your relationship as much as possible.

In today’s world, there is luckily the option of both in-person counseling and online counseling with licensed therapists. You will both learn new exercises to progress your communication skills, and likely even forms of cognitive behavioral therapy to assist you in unlearning detrimental thoughts and behaviors that end up affecting your relationship. There is no shame in seeking out this form of therapy, as it is becoming much more common and a means to work on issues in a healthy and informative way.

Every relationship is vastly different, and different strategies will work for each couple when it comes to improving their relationship. These are just a few great ideas and approaches to potentially implement if you are interested in improving and strengthening the relationship you and your partner have. As long as there is a commitment, willingness, and an underlying love and respect for each other, it is absolutely possible to turn things around and mend any relationship.

Getting Help

We have a number of providers that can provide relationship/couples counseling. Additionally, Dr. Messina & Associates specializes in anxiety and depression in children, adolescents, and adults and continues to provide psychological and psychiatric services in-person and online. In-person counseling appointments are available in our DFW (Southlake) offices. Online counseling appointments are available to patients in the Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio areas. 



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