Mental Health Benefits of Travel

Mental Health Benefits of Travel

One of the greatest pleasures in life is having the capability to travel and explore this vast world of ours, and most of us are missing it now more than ever since the pandemic has halted the ability to do so. Getting out there and traveling has a multitude of benefits aside from just being fun, as it has actually shown to be highly valuable towards helping uplift the state of mental health. While travel is still not really happening at the full capacity it used to be at, the rollout of the vaccine is making it so that it is starting to pick back up again. 

Traveling can be a fantastic aid when your mental health is feeling less than ideal. If you find yourself struggling significantly with your mental health, though, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified mental health professional so that you can get the adequate help that is needed. Dr. Messina in Southlake is an exceptional choice if you are searching for a therapist in this area. If you feel stuck in a rut mentally and are craving some new and exciting experiences, traveling might be just the ticket to alleviate those negative feelings.


Traveling Boosts Creativity

It can be extremely frustrating to fall into a slump and feel like your creative side has been dulled and uninspired. Feeling uninspired, especially if you rely on it daily for your career or another reason, can really affect the mental health negatively. One of the many great things that can come out of traveling is a huge boost in creativity due to breaking out of the day-to-day norm. Exploring new cities, sightseeing, and visiting the unique locations such as museums and other establishments that can be found in these novel places truly has the ability to promote new ideas and give bursts of creativity. Going somewhere tranquil and quiet, like a cabin in the middle of the mountains, can also do wonders for the imagination and mental health by acting as a reset button and really clearing the mind. Getting the creative juices flowing is often what is needed to start feeling more like yourself again.


It Can Lower Stress Levels

Stress is something that we all have to deal with from time to time, but sometimes it can just get to the point when it is incessant and cannot be budged. Sometimes what is needed is a break from work or other responsibilities to get some relief from the pressure, anxiety, and expectations that might be felt as a result from these matters. Taking a short – or long – trip to a place you have been longing to go, whether it be more local or an extensive distance away, can immensely diminish any heavy stress that may be weighing you down. Especially if the place you are employed is severely demanding and is reaching out 24/7 via the phone or through other forms of technology, a vacation is the perfect opportunity to shut everything off and just destress. You will be able to return to your daily life much more calm, relaxed, and stress-free after you have taken some much-needed time away for yourself. It is even better if you happen to go somewhere sunny and where you can get in plenty of outdoor activity on top of leisure, since staying active is not only fantastic for the physical health, but for the mental health, as well.


Traveling Creates Fulfillment

A sense of fulfillment can really come from anywhere that enjoyment and passion is found, but traveling is often that thing for a lot of individuals. Feeling fulfilled is such a giant factor of overall happiness in life, so discovering what creates that sensation is incredible and it should be harnessed whenever it is possible. Conditions such as depression can be amplified negatively when a sense of fulfillment is not felt, which is why it is so important to take care of the mental health as much as possible and do the things that can increase positive and gratifying feelings, like traveling. Traveling regularly can assist with feeling a sense of purpose as well as tremendously fulfilled. This might have to do with the enjoyment that is felt from experiencing new places, meeting new people and making new friends, or seeing with our own eyes how genuinely expansive this planet is and how small it can make us feel in the absolute best way possible.


It Opens the Mind

Something that is so important in life is to expand and broaden the mindset so that we can be as understanding and nonjudgmental as possible. Seeing the world in a new light and from new perspectives gives us the ability to be more empathetic, understanding, and compassionate in life – which is exactly what the world needs more of. Traveling and immersing ourselves into different cultures is able to open us up to so many new experiences that we might not have ever had otherwise. When the mind is more open, there is a greater sense of peace and a better identification with the sense of self, which both lead to a state of mental health that is generally much healthier and happier.

Even though traveling is not what we may be used to right now, there are still ways to accomplish it, such as through road trips or imaginative staycations. There is a reason that most people love to travel so much, and that is because of the way it can make us feel so great. At the end of the day life is supposed to be fun, and it is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible. Our mental health should not be reliant on being able to travel all the time, but it is a genuine need to have once in a while that is able to sincerely benefit our mental wellbeing.


Getting Help

If you are in need of help, contact us at Dr. Messina & Associates. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication management, our highly qualified team specializes in anxiety and depression in children, adolescents, and adults. In-person appointments are available to patients in the Southlake (DFW) area. Online appointments are available to patients in the Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio areas.




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