Overcome Your Fears

Overcome Your Fears This Halloween

Ghosts and goblins are fun and exciting to see on Halloween. There’s something magical about letting imagination come to life. But no one throws a party for the ghosts that haunt our peace of mind each day. If you’re someone who allows fear and anxiety to rob you of joy on a regular basis, take this spooky season as your reminder that fear is not always a bad thing and you can even find magic in entertaining it.

The truth is, almost everyone battles with anxiety. That doesn’t mean you are doomed to become a victim to it. Whatever it is that keeps you up at night and has control of your mental health, you carry the power to overcome it. The trick is to learn how to play the game.

Here’s a few tips to help you overcome your fears and anxieties that block you from living your life the way you want to.


Treat Yourself to Positive Thoughts

As humans we’re hardwired for negativity, and this is precisely what makes anxiety so challenging. If you don’t work against the negative thoughts that cloud your mind, they spread like wildfire, and anxiety becomes an even bigger battle. It’s okay to feel down occasionally, but your negative mood doesn’t have to define you.

The words we tell ourselves matter. The words we use each day are the connection between our mind and body. Negative or positive, they guide our relationships and decisions and steer the direction of our life. It’s important that you find a way to bring positivity into your daily dialogue and use it regularly.

Positivity doesn’t come all that naturally to the anxious mind. It will take effort to fight a negative mind, but practice makes perfect. You can improve your thoughts by becoming aware of your negative thoughts and constantly challenging yourself to find positivity.

Accept Your Fears

Anxiety gets a bad rap, and for arguably good reasons. It’s difficult to tame and if there’s no one to manage it, it can drive you to become someone you don’t recognize. There’s a good reason so many people search for help with their anxiety.

But the truth is, anxiety isn’t the same kind of monster you find in a horror movie, and it won’t hurt you if you face it. All of us have things that trigger our anxiety. It’s purely instinct to run in the opposite direction.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from doing the things you thought you couldn’t”.

You can’t get rid of fear and trying to avoid it only makes it stronger. You can, however, shine a light on your fears and learn to embrace them. Your mindset around fear can completely change the way you look at it. If you truly want to overcome anxiety, you must look it in the face first.

Face One Monster at A Time

Just like a fractured bone takes multiple weeks to heal, one therapy session doesn’t cure all of your problems. Healing from anxiety and other mental health disorders is a lifelong process. It’s a constant game of trial and error. The worst thing you can do in your healing process is expect your problems to be solved in an instant.

There are so many areas of our life that affect our anxiety. Expecting yourself to tackle everything at once will only make matters worse. When it comes to improving your mental health, no step is too small. Give yourself the grace to tackle one beast at a time, and you’ll find that you can go so much farther in the process.

Use Your Imagination

Yep, imagination is not just for kids and throwing together fun costumes. Your imagination plays an important role in anxiety. It can help you get out of it too. If you can visualize the worst-case scenario, can you visualize the opposite?

Visualization is a popular way to calm anxiety. There are many different ways to use it to your advantage. Whether it’s imagining the desired outcome of a goal, or imagining a safe space where there are no worries – try using your imagination to gain back control of your anxious thoughts and feelings. Harnessing your creativity has many health benefits that shouldn’t be looked over.

Getting Help

Although you have the power to overcome your anxiety, support is sometimes necessary. Therapy can help you unmask your fears and take back the power of your mind. If you have trouble managing anxiety and it’s constantly holding you back, a trained therapist can help you get past it.

Here at Dr. Messina and Associates, our compassionate team of professionals are qualified to help you at our Flower Mound, Texas, and Southlake, Texas, offices. Our Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Counselors specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychological testing, and medication management for a variety of emotional and behavioral health needs. All services are available in-person and online (telehealth). If you or a loved one are seeking help with mental health, we are here to help.

Dr. Michael Messina

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