Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the approaching New Year, many people all around the world take this as a time to think about what goals they wish to set and what resolutions they would like to implement for the upcoming year. The New Year is the perfect chance to start over in a sense, and a great opportunity to hit the reset button in certain aspects of life for a brand new and fresh start. This year of 2020 has been a difficult one for many of us for numerous reasons, so there is truly no better time than right now to start looking ahead and carrying out some awesome new goals for 2021.

Write Your Resolutions Down

The ultimate first step to getting started with your New Year’s resolutions is to take a seat, brainstorm, and write down anything and everything that comes to mind that you would like to accomplish or work towards in the coming year. A resolution can be virtually anything you want it to be. Maybe you want to start eating healthier, to start working out more consistently, to read more books, to commit to a new hobby, or even to just be more present and mindful in your day-to-day life. Writing down whatever it is you want to accomplish is always one of the best first steps to take, as this creates a more concrete idea in your mind, even if it is subconsciously, and it makes you much more likely to keep these written thoughts at the forefront of your mind.

Even if there is a goal or resolution that you feel is outlandish or something that will not be accomplished, write it down anyways. No goal is ever too outlandish, and you really have no clue where the upcoming year will end up leading you to. Write anything and everything down, and you might just be amazed at what you end up accomplishing by the end of the year. Keep your list somewhere safe and that you will come across often, as this will ensure that everything stays fresh in your mind. The intention that comes with writing your resolutions down performs volumes for us and our effectiveness in sticking to goals.

Keeping Up with Resolutions

Arguably, one of the hardest parts of creating New Year’s resolutions is the act of keeping up with them as the year goes on. We have all been there; January hits and we are so motivated to start working on our goals, and then by February we feel guilty for already slacking off so much. The reason that this could be is because so many individuals put such a heavy emphasis on resolutions, so when they falter from them at all they just throw in the towel and no longer stick to them. With anything in life, resolutions should be met with realistic expectations but still taken seriously.

Start small with your resolutions for the approaching year, as expecting too much too soon might leave you fatigued and overwhelmed. Taking small steps each day towards your goals will land you so much closer to your end goal in the long run, and you will be glad that you did take it little by little and were able to stick with your resolutions more easily in this way.

In this day and age, there are so many tools at our disposal available to help us stay organized and on track with tasks and resolutions. There are so many efficient notebooks, planners, apps, and other technologies built to help us be as productive as possible. The phones, computers, and watches we have today can typically sync up with a simple push of a button, so if you incorporate your resolutions into these items, it starts to become a lot easier to stay on top of everything that you wish. You can conveniently set reminders or notifications to keep you on track with everything you would like to accomplish throughout the year.

Do Not Be Hard on Yourself

While it feels incredible to stick to certain resolutions or goals, sometimes life (or a pandemic) can get in the way. It is easy to feel down and angry if you were not able to stick to your resolutions, but do try your very best to not be so hard on yourself. We are all only human, and it is okay to falter or not fully accomplish the goal you have set. Chances are, you did do a ton of incredible things and actually came a lot farther than you even think you have.

Before the year comes to a complete close, locate the list you wrote with all of your resolutions and compare it to where you are today. Maybe you do not even have the same values or goals that you did at the start of the year, and that is absolutely okay. As humans, we are constantly evolving and finding new interests and priorities, so that is why it is so great to create a new list of goals before the new year arrives. Making it through another year is absolutely a big deal and something worth celebrating in and of itself, so keep that in mind if you feel down at all about not fully completing each resolution by the end of the year.


At the end of the day, the New Year is often the perfect opportunity to start over in a sense. It is normal to feel worn out by the end of an especially rough year, and the hope that a new year brings is worth noting. Ways to ensure that you will stick to your resolutions include writing everything you want to accomplish down, take small steps towards your goals each day, and remember to not be so hard on yourself if you do not end up exactly where you had in mind when you set your goals. Setting New Year’s resolutions is a wonderful tradition to keep each year, and the opportunity to start a new beginning is a truly beautiful thing.

Dr. Michael Messina

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