The Importance of Self-Care

The Importance of Self-Care

The subject of self-care is a very broad one, and it certainly means something tremendously different to each and every individual. When you think of self-care, relaxing bubble baths, face masks, or going to get a deep tissue massage might come to mind. Self-care is indeed much more than these things, and there really is no right or wrong way to indulge in this practice; as long as it is something that helps to bring you joy and makes you feel mentally and physically refreshed. Practicing self-care has a number of benefits on one’s mental health state, and it can absolutely assist in lessening the severity of symptoms in conditions such as anxiety and depression. Dr. Messina & Associates is a DFW-based psychiatrist team that is proficient in disorders such as these, and they can assist you in easing the severity of them when other practices, such as a consistent self-care routine, is not enough. Always remember that self-care is not selfish. We are going to break down the importance of self-care and the positive effects it can have on the mind.


Helps Set Boundaries and Prioritize

When self-care is regularly practiced, a positive tone and a new level of respect for yourself is created. For many people, a lot of days are spent doing things for others and responding to their specific needs, whether it be at work or at home. Taking time out to engage in self-care, whatever that looks like to you, inherently sets boundaries and sets the tone for how you wish to feel and be treated. This prioritizing of your wellbeing and putting yourself first when necessary will generate a positive domino effect in several other aspects of your life.

If you have not already introduced a self-care routine into your life, definitely consider doing so. Making yourself a priority in this way will ensure you are less stressed overall and will yield a high level of self-esteem and respect that only taking time for yourself can produce. Self-care can look like reading a book, cooking your favorite meal, listening to your favorite music, meditating, watching a movie, going to therapy, spending time in nature, taking a long nap, or catching up with friends. Intentionally choosing an activity that induces happiness and rejuvenation in you is all that matters.


Resets the Mind and Body

One of the best outcomes of self-care is the fact that it is like a reset button on the mind and body when it is most needed. Life can get hectic and stressful, and a lot of time can pass before we realize we have not taken a moment to ourselves in way too long. Purposefully setting aside a part of a day or even a full day to do your favorite activities is one of the best things you can do when you feel run down and like you have not taken care of yourself.

The mind is constantly working, thinking of others, dealing with overwhelming situations, and wandering elsewhere. Slowing down and tuning out the noise of the outside world not only feels great, but the overall effects it has on any negative mental health states are incredible. Having an optimal state of mental health is one of the most important things since so many other crucial aspects in life are tied to how we are feeling psychologically.


Creates a Better Relationship with Yourself

The most important relationship you will have in your entire life is the one that you have with yourself. Engaging in a steady self-care routine is one of the most ideal ways to maintain a great understanding of ourselves on a more profound level. Trying out different pastimes and discovering what makes you feel most at peace and relaxed is an extraordinary thing. Having this insight will trickle into other aspects of your life, such as your relationships and general attitude towards life.

Maintaining a positive state of mental health is so imperative if you want to foster a healthy relationship with yourself. Self-care is a remarkably important aspect to achieve this, and your mind and body will undoubtedly thank you in the long run. Taking the time to attend therapy is an incredible way to cultivate an excellent relationship with yourself since this is a way to release anything that is bottled up. Talking it out with a licensed professional and gaining their perspective will create a new sense of insight and will ultimately create the best possible relationship you can have with yourself.


Makes Everyday Life Less Stressful

When someone makes it a point to consistently show themselves the love they deserve, the daily stressors that may come up really become much less significant and worrisome. Self-care is a sure-fire way to exponentially reduce stress that may arise from a busy school schedule, endless work, or the various expectations that are present in your personal life. It is typical to allow everyday life to bog us down and stress us out, but incorporating a pleasant self-care routine can in fact alleviate these stressors.

While self-care is indeed so important to our overall health, many still feel guilty or like they are not deserving of the time that is dedicated in such a way. Hopefully, this breakdown has given you some understanding of why a self-care practice is so important and not at all something to feel guilty of. We simply cannot be the best version of ourselves and show love to the ones around us if we do not show that same love to ourselves. Setting boundaries, resetting the mind and body, improving the relationship with oneself, and reducing stress are just a few of the countless ways that a self-care routine can benefit each individual. Life is often filled with so much that is out of our control, so why not ease the mind and body by being kind with some much-needed self-care?


Getting Help

If you are in need of help, Dr. Messina & Associates is highly equipped and ready to walk with you during the journey of healing.

We specialize in anxiety and depression in children, adolescents, and adults and continues to provide psychological and psychiatric services in-person in our DFW (Southlake) Offices, as well as online.




Dr. Michael Messina

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