CBT Online/by Phone

CBT Online and by Phone

In this day and age, online therapy just makes sense. With long commutes, baseball practices, travel, and getting the kids fed and in bed, who has time to see a therapist in their office? Online therapy, or telehealth, offers a practical and convenient way to receive therapy from the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you are. Online CBT offers the convenience of seeing a therapist after traditional “office hours”, and while out-of-town. It allows you to work with a therapist of your choice who may be too far to see in-person. It provides real-time, virtual face-to-face contact with a professional therapist to address a variety of mental health and relational concerns. CBT over the phone is just as practical and may even be more convenient for some. It allows for a real-time experience, without the hassle of technology, and you can do it during a work commute, over your lunch-break, or even from bed in your pajamas! There really is no excuse for not getting the therapy you need to enjoy greater mental and emotional health. CBT is a structured, goal-oriented, time-limited approach to treat a wide variety of emotional and relational problems, and well-suited for online or phone-based therapy. Contact Dr. Messina today to schedule your online or phone CBT session.