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If you want to improve your performance on the court or playing field, consider sport psychology. Sport psychology can boost your focus, ease anxiety, and assist in achieving your athletic goals. At Dr. Messina & Associates in Southlake, Texas, skilled psychologists provide sport psychology to athletes and physically active individuals of all ages. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online or call the office today.

Sport Psychology Q & A

What is sport psychology?

Sport psychology is a branch of mental health care used to improve the developmental and social aspects of sports participation, like improved communication and teamwork. 

It uses specialized knowledge and proven techniques to help athletes and physically active individuals achieve their goals and maintain focus.

Athletes and sports participants experience emotions, just like everyone else. In some cases, these emotions can negatively affect performance, increasing the risk of mental illness or injury. 

Sport psychology works to ease uncomfortable symptoms like performance anxiety or panic disorder and promote general well-being. Mental clarity and focus often result in better outcomes during games and other high-pressure situations.

What services does sport psychology provide?

The providers at Dr. Messina & Associates offer several sport psychology services, including:

Cognitive and behavioral skills training

Certain cognitive and behavioral skills are necessary for athletic success. The providers can help you set goals, improve your concentration, or achieve mental clarity. They can also provide insights on how to manage strong emotions in stressful situations. When combined, these skills can make you a better leader and teammate. 

Counseling and clinical intervention

Active individuals and athletes aren’t immune to feelings or mental health problems. If mental illness negatively affects your ability to perform at your peak, counseling may be able to provide significant relief. When necessary, they can also recommend a medication evaluation to ease uncomfortable symptoms.

Consultation and training

If you’re a coach or parent of an athlete, you might benefit from a sport psychology consultation. The providers at Dr. Messina & Associates can provide education regarding motivation, interpersonal and leadership skills, talent development, and more.

Counseling following a sports injury

If you experience a sports injury, it takes a toll on your physical and mental well-being. They can help you better cope during the recovery process. They can recommend activities that encourage good self-esteem, resilience, and a positive outlook. 

Who can benefit from sport psychology?

Any athlete who wants to improve their focus, mental clarity, and performance can benefit from sport psychology. You can also benefit from sport psychology if you’re in the process of recovering from an injury.

Your mental health and physical health directly influence one another. When you’re able to focus on the task at hand, you’re more likely to break personal records and perform at the highest level.

Even if you have a relatively positive outlook, sport psychology can help you fine-tune your goal setting and training practices. The more you know about your mental health and how it affects your performance, the better equipped you are to succeed.

To learn more about the benefits of sport psychology, schedule an appointment at Dr. Messina & Associates. Book a consultation online or call the office today.